Starting Now is better than starting later


StartupAlready is offering business consulting services to the global market.

A team of experts in all fields relating to your business, is here to help you identify your exact business needs, find your market, and conquer it !

In addition to offering excellent business services, we have a global team of people working together from every corner of the world. This gives us the benefit of immediate global information on various business and markets. This gives you the opportunity to immediately cross test your business in the global market.

StartupAlready was founded in 2010 by Eli David, a successful entrepreneur and global citizen. Eli is a certified public Accountant, Economist and MBA graduate with work experience at a Big 4 company (KPMG) who is holding the general management of all projects. Eli loves getting involved in new ventures so despite being busy with his own businesses, he always finds time to manage new and exciting projects.

A team of experts handles each specific part of your business and regular meetings with you ensure that your needs are met at every step of the process.

Financial Department

Marketing Department

Operations Department

Information Systems Department


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