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Eli David has been a digital nomad since 2010 changing locations every 2 months. In that period he lived and gave lectures in dozens of countries, while founding several Startups. (More about his lifestyle can be read in the CNN article)
Eli is the CEO and co-founder of ,a global Startup ecosystem map mentioned by dozens of magazines including Forbes,  The Next Web, and Guy Kawasaki.

In 2010, Eli also the co-founded and ,an online language school, with thousands of students and teachers around the world.
More details about the nomadic lifestyle can be read in BecomeNomad, a nomadic lifestyle blog.
Over the past few years Eli has given lectures on various subjects in various countries including Peru, Paraguay, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia, Israel, Romania, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany. Eli’s lectures usually focus on entrepreneurship, raising capital from investors, business planning, outsourcing, freelancing, global economy trends, and the nomadic lifestyle.

Eli has also published several articles and was interviewed on major magazines in various countries such as T-portalHuffington Post and Silicon Republic.


Traction lecture in IT Arena Lviv

Nomadic lifestyle is right for you! TEDxRawaRiverSalon

Lecture Bootstrapping your Startup in Prague

Here is a quick lecture I have given in Zurich about the Nomadic lifestyle

Lecture about Nomadic lifestyle and Nomad entrepreneurship in Sofia

Eli’s Current Topics for Lectures are:

How to build a Startup without Investors by Bootstrapping

The lecture will focus on methods for entrepreneurs to build and grow a sustainable startup themselves without spending time on raising money from professional investors. Among other subjects, we will discuss how to generate sales, find loans and grants, generate organic media attention, and more. Eli will also discuss his status as a digital nomad who constantly changes locations while expanding his startups.

Hiring and Managing Staff remotely

The lecture will focus on the best techniques to hire and manage freelancers from around the world to help you grow your business. Eli is an expert on freelancing platforms such as UpWork and Elance and has used these platforms to hire freelancers around the world. Eli’s lifestyle of constant travel pushed him to specialize in working with online teams, and he will share his experience and insights about managing a remote workspace.

Nomadic lifestyle and working while traveling

The lecture will focus on ways to travel constantly while sustaining yourself with freelancing or by building online businesses. Eli will share experiences drawn from his nomadic lifestyle, and will discuss valuable tips, travel hacks, and the necessary mindset that make constant traveling fun and sustainable.


Getting Investors for your Startup

The lecture will focus on ways to raise investment for your startup, drawn from Eli’s extensive experience in raising money for his own startups and helping others do the same. We will discuss the preparations needed before raising your investment, the appropriate mindset when approaching investors, and other insights to help improve your chances of raising investment. We will also discuss the various types of investor to help you focus on the most relevant investor profile for your venture.

Finding the best co-founders for your business

The lecture will focus on best practices when searching for and engaging potential co-founders and is based on the experiences Eli went through while building his startups. One of the most common reasons startups fail has to do with bad chemistry between founders or a lack of sound decision making when entering into a partnership agreement. The lecture will suggest methods to improve your chances of finding the right co-founder for your business.

Global Startup ecosystem’s main elements of success

The lecture will focus on Eli’s insights from traveling around the world while meeting entrepreneurs, interviewing local startup leaders, and visiting startup events globally while building his global startup ecosystem map- StartupBlink. Eli will share his experience regarding what makes a startup ecosystem successful, the mindsets and resources needed to push local startup ecosystems forward, and the most common reasons for failing to form a strong local startup community.

Getting traction for your Startup

The lecture will focus on Eli’s insights and methodology for gaining startup traction. Eli will explain how his StartupBlink team gained media attention from various publications and opinion leaders, including CNN, Forbes, Product hunt, and Guy Kawasaki, all without a marketing budget. We will also discuss ways of finding the right marketing channels for startups and building a process to utilize each channel successfully while constantly searching for new marketing channels.

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